Rasa Animal Shelter

our approach

Rescuing one single animal does not change the world, but the whole world changes for that animal.

  Rasa Animal Shelter was founded in 2013 and has the main goal of rescuing animals, escpecially of urban areas.

 We basically have four main approaches: rescuing the injured animals, keeping disabledand rescued animals, sterilizing them and offering them medical treatments and vaccination.
Currently we have more than 800 dogs, four donkeys, a goat and many other animals at the shelter, all of them have been injured, ill or maltreated. 
It is our aim to prevent the killing of urban animals and stray dogs. To do so, we have taken many steps over the years to reduce the number of killings by sterilizing, vaccinating and collecting animals from the streets. 

We hope that with your help we will be able to help more innocent animals that can not speak for themselves.